QR and DMX code generator developer's API

Developer's Guide

This simple API lets you dynamically generate QR and DMX codes. To see the API in action, open up a browser window and copy the following URL into the address bar:


Press the Enter or Return key and you should see the following image:

You can easy implement two dimensional code in your web pages. Use tag img with appropriate attributes. You can set another image size if default is not suitable for you.

t urlencoded text. What is urlencoding? In our example you can see that instead of space there is %20. Search the web for more info...
enc optional, set enc=dmx if you do not want qr code, but dmx code
sms optional, set sms=86022333 where 86022333 is the tel. number where you want to send an SMS.

Following code shows picture in DMX code preformatted for SMS sending to number 8609999888877777:

<img src="http://wikarski.com/qr.php?enc=dmx&sms=860999988887777&t=simple%20code">

With the code above you should see this picture:


This document is intended for programmers who want to include QR or DMX images within a webpage. It provides an introduction to using the API and reference material on the available parameters.

Usage Policy

There's no limit to the number of calls per day you can make to the QR and DMX code generator API. However, we reserve the right to block any use that we regard as abusive. If you think your service will make more than 100 API calls per day, please let us know in advance so that we can prepare for you uninterrupted service. Most probably we will make a deal and you will use following donation button...